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The Story


Like all stories, it begins with an idea. The prelude to the Hope Products story begins with a dream and a basement. Last October, dear friends of ours were preparing to leave for the mission field. They had been called to India to work with Daughters of Hope in Bangalore, India, a business as missions organization. Late night conversations over a bottle of wine led to dreaming of "what if..."

What if there was a way to partner with Daughters to bring unique products to the American marketplace that would not only help and support ministries and businesses like Daughters, but would support missionaries on the ground? Missionaries often spend much of their time raising support. Time that could be used working alongside the people in the places they have been called. What if we could begin a movement to bring Hope to the world, through products that would support the ministry and the missionary?

Hope Products was birthed.

As we sat and dreamed we knew that the Lord was asking us, much like the call in Matthew 4:19 to, "Come, follow me."

Like all stories, the prelude led into to the very first chapter. We began to take steps to follow, not knowing what the next steps were to be. As we moved, the Lord began to assemble people with very specific gifts and talents for this mission. Designers, a manufacturing mission minded consultant,  a webmaster, a logistics expert, photographers and a sales servant, all were brought into the fold for "such a time as this." These people were not lured by money or the opportunity to make a name for themselves, but rather, they were wooed by the heart of Hope. They came to serve. They came open handed to share the gifts that they had been given to bring the dream to reality.

We stand on the verge of the next chapters; the unwritten ones. It is our HOPE and mission to "bring Hope to the world" and while we have no idea where the story goes, we know wholeheartedly that we are "united in spirit and intent on one purpose." 

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