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Hope International is proud to partner with CMS as we seek to impact the 10/40 window through fair business operations. As such, we recognize that a relationship with China factories presents a great opportunity and are committed to only working with factories that offer safe and fair working conditions. 

In the mid 1990's CMS leadership took a year off to travel through Asia to interview businessmen, missionaries and groups on the ground to see if outreach was being done to reach factories. It was determined that no ministry was focused on reaching the factory worker. The workers are one of the largest functional unreached people groups in the world for Christ. Since then, an intentional effort has been made to reach the marginalized factory worker in China. This mission field is something that HPI is passionate in reaching. With so many working in factories, and factories limiting access to buyers, establishing relationships with factories is critical to spreading the Gospel. As we live out the mandate from Jesus to "go make fishers of men," we realize that we must meet these men and women where they work, live and play and be a loving example of Jesus often without ever referencing a word of Scripture. 

CMS has a longstanding relationship in China and HPI is committed to fostering relationship through business that opens up opportunities to model the love of Christ to those working in factories. While Tier One factories offer many opportunities, Tier Two and Three are critical to develop relationships so that one day they will be considered in the Tier One category. 


Tier One factories, the factory which partners with any paper merchandise at Hope, is involved in caring for the workers and also are committed to caring for the family as well. The compensation is higher and many of the workers in our Tier One factories have elected to sign long-term commitments, placing them far outside of the average 2-4 year commitment, giving missionaries on the ground time to establish quality relationships.  Famiies, as well as individuals are supported in family dormitories. In addition to compensation, the management of Tier One factories provide tangible services and ministry to those working in the factory. These include:

•Customized meals adjusted to the needs of the worker

•Childcare on site

•Educational Programs

•Medical attention & Doctor visits

•Sports and Recreational Activities

•Pastoral Care

•Bible Teaching

•Volunteers in relationship from neighboring churches or ministires offer Social Activities and Entertainment

Tier Two factories are inviting but not active in ministry. This factory is open to gospel sharing in some ways. Our current partner is willing to share Bibles. It is our hope that through ongoing relationship and investment, that Tier Two move to Tier One.

Tier Three factories are currently business only and on the surface that may seem hopeless. These factories present the most potential, and they also will require long-term relationship. These factories are where we pray for the Lord to open doors as we prayerfully consider every partnership we enter into. 



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