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Better Together...always.


So, Chelsea Hudson says she'd like a few products to do a photo shoot to highlight real women and advocates wearing Daughters of Hope products. Of course you can have some Chelsea. 

YESTERDAY, these, there are not words, photos showed up in my Dropbox...

Chelsea Hudson is one of those people that rarely enter your life. She expresses her passion for injustice through her gift of storytelling through image and WE, yes WE, get to share HER PASSION as it intersects with ours. Well, that's just plain cool when people of passion realize that we can have a greater IMPACT TOGETHER, using our unique gifts, than we ever could alone. 

Yes, we gasped. We shrieked. Stephanie and I exchanged a few texts full of our new favorite text expression, "EEEEkkkkkk!!!!!"

You see, this has been a whirlwind of a journey. Literally, one year ago, almost to the day, the notion of Hope Products was nothing more than a dream. A dream to truly make a difference. A dream to impact women and men in circumstances they did not choose. A dream to live the rest of our days on earth impacting the lives of others. A dream to live a life advocating for justice and humanity. A dream. 

Then...the unexpected happened. Life flipped upside down and in all that mess, the DREAM began to take root...just proof that beauty comes out of ashes. It REALLY does and IF we can DREAM together, imagine the possibilities for change. 

Look closely and you'll SEE that we are not alone in these product photos. Collaboration happens when we care more about the mission than we do about ourselves. We are blessed to share these with Noonday Collection and The Root Collective. For real, y'all look how AWESOME they look together. Proof that TOGETHER is always BETTER. 

In Chelsea's Words: 

Scarves and bags made by Daughters of Hope, and sold by Hope Products International. Jewelry from Noonday Collection, flats from The Root Collective, and Shannon Riesenfeld as the most awesome fair-trade fashionista! So loved collaborating with Shannon to make this shoot happen. I think all fair trade fashion/products shoots should be collaborative in nature. Its just a beautiful thing.

We couldn't agree MORE! It IS a beautiful thing! Shannon is indeed a fair-trade fashionista! Thanks girls! You completely rock.

(more pics to come...but we just HAD to share a few!)


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