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“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." 

Meditations Divine and Moral, Anne Bradstreet

As we find ourselves emerging from winter hibernation, the birth of Spring means HOPE for all of creation. Hope that things won't remain the way they are. That as long as we have a spring to set our eyes on, hope exists.  As I read headlines and stories, it appears the world could use a bit more hope. The adversity, suffering and tragedy that people sharing the globe with us face on a daily basis should, at the very least, cause us to pause and evaluate our circumstances of prosperity and in turn, hopefully, wreck us to our core that injustice continues to exist at the hands of each of us, knowingly or unknowingly. 

This is where change begins. It begins in looking deep. It begins in looking inward. It begins when finger pointing stops and we each take responsibility for those brothers and sisters who, in reality, are no different than we are. They are victims of circumstance and without a world who notices, they have no hope. It begins when rather than expecting someone else illicit change, we ourselves take action; any small action begins the cycle of hope. Hope begins with me and if a dead world can emerge from the bleak of winter then there has to be hope for a hurting planet and her people, right? 

There is hope. There are people dedicating their lives at this moment to eradicating the injustice and we are humbled to partner with them. This Spring we have been connected with a new partner Justice and Care and will have some exciting new products to share that join us in the mission of bringing HOPE to the world and its people. These products offer hope, sustainability and redemption to those who created them.

They are coming soon!!! We're excited to share these INCREDIBLE products and stories of HOPE, one purchase at a time. Stay tuned...

Doing a LITTLE GOOD this HOLIDAY Season

We are beyond EXCITED to be a part of THIS! HOLIDAY shopping for GOOD! Together we can make a difference this holiday season by committing to be part of the solution in helping bring hope and sustainability to marginalized women and men around the globe. Get ALL your holiday shopping done and FEEL GOOD about helping others [...]

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Better Together...always.

So, Chelsea Hudson says she'd like a few products to do a photo shoot to highlight real women and advocates wearing Daughters of Hope products. Of course you can have some Chelsea. YESTERDAY, these, there are not words, photos showed up in my Dropbox...Chelsea Hudson is one of those people that rarely enter your life. She expresses [...]

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The Journey Begins

Things have begun to feel real around here! Last week we received products from Bangalore, India. As those boxes arrived, so did hope.  When we collectively stood, with hands raised, whispering, then shouting, "choose me," we had no idea the extent we were going to be used. As a team we are humbled and inspired, excited [...]

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Welcome to Hope Products

As you can see, everything is still a little under construction. Orders are being placed for products, physical samples are being evaluated, and the website is. . .as you can see. But despite all the work that has to get done to bring you Hope Products in the Fall of 2014, it's an exciting time. The [...]

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